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Considering fencing as just a means of privacy and security isn’t wrong. But these are not its only purposes. People also opt for it for its aesthetic and decorative appeal. Since it comes in different types and materials, it can beautify any housefront.

The good news is that we offer all types of fences, be it wooden, chain link, vinyl, aluminium, and wrought iron. And, for those on a tight budget, there is always the option of a picket fence.

We hold the expertise in attaching fencing to all kinds of posts, wooden, concrete or otherwise. We also offer complete customisation from designing to panel heights to ensure all your preferences are met.

With our fencing services, you can put your mind at ease knowing that we only use the best quality material. And, that our laid fences don’t require as much maintenance.

Also, our expertise is not limited to just building new fences. We provide fencing repair and maintenance services as well. As with all our services, we are always open to discussing the possibilities that fit your budget.

If you are in London or surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to call us and set up a meeting today!

Let’s discuss the best possible fencing solution that we can provide for you.

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered.

You may require planning permission if you want to put a fence that is higher than 6.5 feet.

According to UK law, if you have acquired the planning permission, you can install a fence that’s as high as a hundred meters. Though, it isn’t advised to go higher than 8 feet.

Apart from the labour charges, the cost of fencing can vary depending on the type of material and finish you prefer to have installed.

You usually don’t need your neighbour’s permission to have a fence installed. Just ensure that the fencing remains under the bounds of your property.